Worlds First NFT Collection Launches on the Roblox and it’s Awesome!

Have you ever wanted to own an extremely rare piece of digital art? How about a video game pet that you can only get on the blockchain? What if you could create a silly little drawing and it sell for a few million dollars like what happened to the legendary project of CryptoPunks. However recently the independent game studio has officially launched their own NFT collection of 12 exclusive pets to go along side their viral hit game “Pet Simulator X” built exclusively on the Roblox Platform.

One of the new pets from the NFT Collection by

Here is what is listed about the new NFT Collection:

“A collection of exotic pets from the popular online game, Pet Simulator X! These pets are exclusive to this NFT collection. They cannot be obtained through gameplay.

Owners can connect their MetaMask wallet to their Roblox account through our site. Once connected, players can immediately use their NFT pets in-game! This also includes a coveted chat name-tag, exclusive only to NFT owners.” Maker of Pet Simulator X on Roblox

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital item that is uploaded to a secure network of computers that are all connected, usually referred to as the “Blockchain”. These items can be bought and then resold to another collector.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a video game massive platform that allows its users to become video game developers and instantly published any games they create on the Roblox “Experience” dashboard for the whole world to play.

So how will NFTs effect the Roblox community and world? Will they respond with open arms? or with the Roblox Official Team not allow NFTs to be sold since they are third party items?

Whatever happens here on this first time will set the future of video games history.

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