Why 29 Year Old Millionaire Gallant Dill Paid $10,000 For A Domain Name

You might be wondering what a 29 year old millionaire with a net worth of $10 million dollars is doing by paying cash for a domain name. Gallant Dill frequently visits Las Vegas and found himself attracted to an idea of a new business and he needed a domain to go along with his amazing idea.

Dill has been purchasing domains from companies who are going out of business or those who simply want to sell their domain names because they no longer have use for them. He also stated, “I have been investing in domains since I was 15 years old, so now it’s just business as usual.”

“Today, we live in a world full of opportunities and ways to invest your money. Domain investing isn’t something new either.”

Recently, we sat down with Gallant Dill, a 29 year old serial entrepreneur who has bought and sold over a dozen companies, and continues looking for more to acquire.

When we asked him why he would pay such a big amount for a domain that didn’t even have a website on it, here was his response… 

“Branding is everything. When I buy or invest into companies that I plan on starting or selling, if they don’t have million or even billion dollar sounding potential just off the branding or name, I pass. “

– Gallant Dill – https://www.workwithgallant.com/

We live in a world where everything is marketing. If your marketing is bad, you won’t stay around long.

Acquirely.com will be buying and selling businesses.

Would you really want to sell or buy from a company named something weird like BuyBizNow.com?

 If I died today, I want to be remembered for quality. 

Not for being cheap or cutting corners. Remember, the name is the first thing anyone hears or sees about your company or brand, make sure it’s an easy and everlasting one. 

My goal for this company is to make millions.

 If I get cheap or doubtful early on, does this really build trust or faith into my goals? 

What’s crazy is that I have another domain I have been in negotiations to buy for around $150,000. 

 Some people like real estate. Some people like stocks. I love online investments much more.

-Gallant Dill

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