Top 10 Best Dispensaries Near Me In Las Vegas – Updated List

Are you looking for high quality cannabis in Las Vegas? Want the best weed for the best price? Check out our list of personal favorite cannabis Dispensaries here near me in Las Vegas. This list includes the top dispensaries on and off the Las Vegas Strip.

The Top 10 Marijuana Dispensaries In Las Vegas here is our list for the dispensaries near me.

1. Thrive on Valley View and Sahara

Thrive Cannabis Dispensary on Valley View and Sarah is home is the $20 1/8ths! Which if you are looking for a bulk price on a low amount this daily deal is a steal! However they also carry some of the best top end flower in Las Vegas featuring the Polaris Brand with always has some of the densest nugs in town.

2. Cookies Las Vegas Dispensary

Cookies on the Strip is the original Las Vegas dispensary located right on the Strip. This dispensary was created by two visionary founders with just a hope and a dream. From the earliest days in a San Francisco garage to a now global brand with one of the first cannabis dispensaries on the Las Vegas Strip.

3. Reef Dispensary Las Vegas

Reef Dispensaries has multiple locations throughout Nevada, Arizona, and Las Vegas. They are the most popular dispensary in Las Vegas, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a calendar. They have large, accommodating stores and a wide selection of products that are lab-tested. Reef Dispensaries is just as committed to their community as they are to customers. They donate to local charities and outreach programs, proving that they truly put people first.

4. The Source+

The Source+ has two locations within the Las Vegas Valley. A third is located in Reno. North Las Vegas is currently in the process of opening a fourth location. The Source+ offers more than 30 strains of cannabis, as well as a range of edibles, concentrates, and other products. The Happy Camper, part the in-house CAMP brand is the first solventless cannabis cartridge. It uses only heat and pressure to make a cleaner rosin. Source+ celebrated its fifth anniversary recently. It is well-known for its support for medical cannabis, with seminars and customer-friendly rewards programs. Order online, in person or order next-day delivery through Blackbird.

5. The Apothecarium

The Apothecarium opened its doors in San Francisco, then expanded to other areas across the country. A former Metro police officer founded the Vegas edition. He believed marijuana was better than opioids in treating pain and other conditions. The Apothecarium has been a popular choice for locals, particularly in the West Valley, near Summerlin. They have an outstanding selection of products, including State Flower, a small-batch NoCall producer, and friendly, knowledgeable budtenders. It feels more like a boutique hotel lobby than a marijuana shop, with its old-fashioned chandeliers and marble countertops. You can order online from 8 AM-8 PM for pickup/delivery, or you can visit the store between 8 and 10 pm.

6. ShowGrow

Spring ValleyShowGrow has quickly become a popular destination for cannabis in the Southwest Valley and Summerlin. The dispensary is located at the corner of a busy intersection and offers a two-lane curbside pickup service. Although the store isn’t huge, it offers a wide selection and is easy to navigate. It won’t overwhelm new users. Kushy Punch, Cheeba Chews and Cheeba Chews are top edibles. You can either enjoy the taffy on its own or add it to your coffee. ShowGrow also stocks four flavors of Sip THC-infused elixirs. Order online or at ShowGrow between 7 AM and 2 PM.


With all of the competition in Las Vegas for cannabis, it is becoming more important than ever that you stand out from the rest. Thrive opened its first dispensary in Southern Highlands. It was custom-designed with a conveyor belt delivery system that allows customers to get their product. The dispensary was opened during the pandemic in order to maximize social distancing. It has proved to be fun and efficient. Thrive was also the first Nevada dispensary to offer CocoonPod services kiosks, which are a kind of an ATM for marijuana. A quirky addition to the front is an art installation featuring mannequins dressed in various outfits. Thrive also has locations in Reno and North Las Vegas. How to Order: Please check with the respective locations for information about hours and delivery/curbside pickup options.

8. Essence Cannabis Dispensary

Many consider Essence Cannabis Dispensary to be one of the top dispensaries in Las Vegas. It is known for its modern design, attentive staff and high-quality products. Essence is the only cannabis dispensary that is located on the Las Vegas Strip. They have a solid reputation for their award-winning strains that rivals the ones of top-rated dispensaries in Las Vegas.

9. MedMen Las Vegas – Downtown (Arts District)

MedMen was founded with the vision to de-stigmatize cannabis by offering an accessible and welcoming shopping environment. What better place to get inspired than the Las Vegas Arts District. MedMen is a great place to pick up some legal cannabis in the vegas valley.

10. CannaStarz

Unlike any other Las Vegas marijuana dispensary Cannastarz was designed with the high end cannabis consumer in mind. Here you will feel like you’ve stepped into the world of glamour. All of the glamorous feel without the price tag. Make our top 10 list because of the vibe and customer service.

Legally, anyone 21 years old and older can purchase cannabis from a dispensary. You will need to bring your driver’s licence, passport, or other form of legal identification. The phone bill does not count. The tricky part is that you can only legally consume cannabis in a private residence. The legal approval of public consumption lounges is yet to come. Is that to say you won’t get a whiff of reefer from the Strip? No. It is illegal to smoke in public places (including parks and garages). In resorts that have heavily regulated casinos, cannabis use is usually prohibited in hotel rooms.

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