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The best portable vaporizers on the market! DAVINCI IQC, MIQRO vapes with Clean First ™ Technology. We have a list of the top Davinci Vaporizers!

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DaVinci Vaporizers and Our Review of the BEST!

DaVinci has a range of portable vaporizers. They are both multi-use and dry herb. You can also find vaporizer accessories that will meet your every vaping need. Their goal is to make THC usage as easy and as safe as possible. The vaporizers can be used in combination with dry herbs and dab units. Additionally, they are portable and easy to take wherever you go. Check out the DaVinci collection to find the best portable vaporizer for you.

DAVINCI IQ2 Vaporizer – $295

DaVinci has done it again with the IQ2, combining top-shelf performance with classy new features. This upgrade took a lot of effort and time. The IQ2 vaporizer is still available. The IQ2 is a great choice if you want to enjoy vapors that are both pleasant and affordable.

The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer produces vapor perfectly. As the vapor travels through Flavor Chamber and mouthpiece, it cools. The vapor stays longer with herbal flavors than other conduction vaporizers. The IQ2 produces some of the best vapor we have ever seen thanks to its design and materials. This is the vape that we use for gentle, but powerful sessions.

You’ve probably held a DaVinci vape before. It’s a vaporizer that you can feel the quality and class. The IQ2’s aluminum shell is brushed and anodized, and can be draped in any of four vibrant colors. The IQ2’s mirrored loading dock and ceramic zirconia mouthpiece are worth a look. The IQ2’s graceful curves feel second-nature in your hand. The Air Dial’s new design is laser-etched and sandblasted aluminum. Every position of the dial has a satisfying click that would normally be reserved for high-end cameras gear.

The IQ2 is a delight to use from the moment you load it. The oven lid is opened to reveal the pearl and loading dock, which are beautifully mirrored. Ground herbs will glide in the oven so effortlessly that you’ll be astonished at how easy it is. You only need to fill the oven half-way. To extend the oven spacer, twist the pearl a few more times. Just to feel the click, you can play with the Air Dial even if it is set at the perfect setting. The vibration will begin when you turn it on. Take eight minutes to relax and lift the IQ2 up to your lips. You’ll often find yourself playing with your IQ2 throughout your session just for the pleasure of having it in your hands.

DaVinci did more than just improve the original IQ. The IQ2 is a complete overhaul with new molds and additional expenses. The IQ2 and IQ2 will be compared in detail later. For now, the IQ2 is larger, slower, more expensive, but still better. Everything was rethought from the loading dock curves to the difficult to clean parts to the alignment of mouthpiece holes.

On a fully charged battery, the IQ2 can reach 390F within one minute. However, it can take up 90 seconds if the battery is nearly empty. You will notice a shorter wait if you are vaping at lower temperatures. Although it is slower than the original Intelligence, this makes for a more comfortable vape. Although it’s slower than many other vapes, fifteen seconds is not much when you’re trying to get into an eight-minute session.

DaVinci’s first attempt at vaping concentrates with the IQ2 is made possible by its accessories. It works in a similar way to other conduction vapes, but the IQ2 is more efficient. Ceramic is used to make the included dosage pod, which can hold concentrates or herbs. The included dosage pod can hold concentrates and includes a ceramic extract disk and organic cotton pads. The IQ2’s concentrate hits are similar to other dual-use portables. The IQ2 vapes focus on a single session and produce a lighter, more gentle hit. Although we didn’t expect much, we were surprised by the quality of these sessions.

Davinci IQC Vaporizer – $229

The IQC is a stripped-down version of the IQ2. The IQC is a slightly stripped-down version of the IQ2. If you are looking for something more affordable, but still with all the latest features and USB charging, the IQC is a great option.

Davinci Vaporizers’ Davinci IQC vaporizer is a portable dry herb vaporizer. It is undoubtedly the most efficient conduction vaporizer available. Davinci IQC Vaporizer has a full temperature spectrum, a replaceable 18650 batteries system and USB-C charging. This makes it ideal for travel.

The IQC vaporizer, an improved version of the Davinci IQ, adopts some features of the IQ2 vaporizer. Over the years, Davinci has produced quite a few portable dry herb vapers. Davinci’s 5th model, the Davinci IQC, is my favorite and most refined Davinci vape vaporizer.

The Davinci IQC portable vaporizer is a great choice if you are looking for a portable, easy-to-use vaporizer that you can take with you on the move or use around the house with some glass. It’s not a true convection unit and the chamber is too large to be used for single-person sessions.

The Davinci IQC is $229 and comes with a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Although the IQC is small, it’s still a portable vaporizer. However, we recommend the Davinci Micro Vaporizer for those who want something smaller. Although the Davinci Miqro can be as small as your key fob, it is much more powerful than most other portable vaporizers.

DAVINCI MIQRO Vaporizer – $99

The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer, a portable dry herb vaporizer that can fit in your palm, is 31% smaller than its larger brother, the IQ. Smart path technology is also featured in the MIQRO. Instead of heating dry herbs at one temperature, it slowly increases by 20 degrees each session. This activates new compounds and allows you to enjoy the full flavor and benefits of dry herbs. This piece is perfect for beginners due to its small size and affordable price.

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