Sooo… Real Life Crypto Quests Are Now A Thing

Have you ever spent hours and hours crawling through dungeon, slaying demons and trying to get the reward from your latest quest inside your favorite video game? Now what if you could achieve that same level of excitement in real life and then get paid in crypto? Check out what the revolutionary crypto tech company has created!


The website lets JUST ABOUT ANYONE quickly create a cryptocurrency without the need to learn any complicated coding, then once you create your token… Well you then become the central bank of your token! You can now start to have fun and give your followers some quests they can achieve through their internet and online journey!

The “Quests” function that you setup on Coinvise allows your to set your OWN RULES and set your own rewards! You can payout the rewards in your own token you personally created, or you can pay out the rewards with any cryptocurrencies you hold in your metamask wallet.

“This new feature on the blockchain will help gamify the internet in new ways we have never seen before, our mind already starts to race when we think of the “Capture The Flag” style games on the internet that we can play.”

News Coin

So Why Would Someone Want To Create Quests and Then Reward With Crypto?

Creating quests and interesting ways to claim them could be a great way to attract new users to your coin, or bring awareness to your cause. This could also be a great way to incentives your community to bring increased engagement.

Another interesting way to utitize this “Quest” feature, is to view these quests as digital job contracts and once the job or “quest” is complete, the contract tokens as then released as a reward. You can see how this crypto project has utilized Coinvise.

The blend between video game experiences and real life quests that pay out in crypto have finally arrived and make the future look even more exciting. You can view our very first quest that we ever put out to any crypto project that want to publish on our news site! If we select your article for publishing… well you get NEWS Coin!

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