Rumors of Medical and Religious Exemptions Denied At Southwest Airlines – See What Happened Next!

Rumors surface on Sunday October 10th when Southwest Airlines Employees walked off the job after being forced to get the Covid-19 Vaccination or be fired. Southwest Airlines has canceled at least 1,800 flights this weekend, citing “disruptive weather” and air traffic control issues, even though no other airline is having these issues and perfectly clear skies in 95% of the airports with canceled flights.

American Airlines has canceled 63 flights, or only 2% of its operation, while Spirit Airlines canceled 32 flights, or just 4% of its flights, according to FlightAware. 

The United State airports with the the most flight cancellations for departures and arrivals Sunday are all big Southwest “hubs,” even if the airline doesn’t refer to them as such: Denver, Baltimore, Dallas Love Field, Chicago Midway and Las Vegas.

Social Media started out as a rage of customers after hearing about the flight cancelations and then as the rumors spread, more and more support for the Southwest Airlines Employees have started to be shown.

The employee walkout has happened just days after the announcement from Southwest stating their new policy, “completed a thorough review of President Biden’s COVID Action Plan and determined that the carrier’s contracts with the U.S. government require full compliance with the federal vaccination directive. Employees of Southwest Airlines must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or be approved for a religious, medical, or disability accommodation, by Dec. 8, 2021, to continue employment with the airline.

We reached out to Joey Gilbert, Director of Strategy at America’s Frontline Doctors for a statement and he said.

“Denying religious & Medical Exemptions is unconstitutional. It’s a completely Illegal mandate that violates the Nuremberg Code, these pilots have no way of being able to provide informed consent as they were not presented with any type of package insert or what the ingredients are inside this shot”

Joey Gilbert
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