PixelWave Games Hosts World’s First NFT Game Jam

NFTs have exploded into mainstream and now even started to take over traditional video game building competitions! Check out what PixelWave Games is host in July of 2022, The PixelWave Games Team is hosting a Game Jam competition that will be featuring a new technology called NFTs, these blockchain collectable that can unlock in game items!

The event encourages game developers to complete a video game from the ground up within a two-week timespan. To sign up, teams will need to own at least 5 ‘Version 2.0’ NFTs, or pay the “Team Pass” fee. Assets for this task will be provided on July 14th and 15th, and the theme for the contest will be revealed July 17th. Game Jam itself will run July 18th – July 30th. The winning team will get a cash prize, as well as an opportunity to join the company’s official game development team. Spectators must own at least one PixelWave NFT, or purchase a “Voter’s Pass”, to be eligible to vote for their favorite game throughout the month of August. The winner of PixelWave Game Jam will be announced August 31st.

The competition aims to not only spread awareness for PixelWave Games and its flagship development, PixelWave Island, it also gives game developers an opportunity to test their might and sharpen their skills with a worthy challenge. This offers developers, indie and AAA alike, a chance to collaborate, compete, and form new bonds with one another in the name of creativity. More details will be released as the event date approaches.

In addition to Game Jam, PixelWave Games’ Version 2.0 NFT collection will be released this March, which will include over 5,000 hand-designed layers and hundreds of attributes to discover. Purchasing any of these NFTs will help to fund the company’s endeavors and qualify as admittance to Game Jam, and many more events to come. These NFTs will also be tradable, with rarities reaching upwards to 0.1% availability. Current NFT holders will be whitelisted for the new collection, meaning they will receive priority access to the collection upon release.

Moreover, stay tuned for PixelWave Island, the studio’s massive 2D game project. This game centers around five protagonists – Pilo, Redington, Rilla, Blu and Crimson – and players will be able to interact with them over the course of their adventure on the Island. These characters must survive and prevail against infected villains on an Island that has mysteriously become corrupted by a nefarious force of nature – slime.

The studio is also developing a PixelWave card game that will consist of a single-player campaign, along with a multiplayer meta that will procedurally release new card packs over time for players to acquire and compete with. These games will feature a unique in-game currency system, known as the ‘PIXEL’ token. This token will eventually become the driving force for everything PixelWave, but in the meantime, players will be able to buy, sell and trade the token even outside the games themselves. These tokens will be usable across multiple PixelWave titles that will be released over the next 10 years.

Blockchain technology will serve as the backbone for core features of these titles. Decentralization is an advent that is taking the world by storm and revolutionizing the way individuals can interact with one another with minimal, if not non-existent, intermediary participation. What this means for games like PixelWave Island, is fair players will be able to trade directly with one another, and entities – even the administrators of the PixelWave ecosystem themselves, will be unable to interfere with such an economy. Assets that players acquire in and outside of the games will truly be owned by the players themselves, and just as all good things come to an end, this truth will stand long after the day PixelWave Games shuts down its last server.

PixelWave Games looks forward to hosting new events, competitions and games as they grow and build into a truly special company. Visit pixelwave.club online for more information on these developments.

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