New Type of NFT’s Series Gives Owners Crypto Tokens Just For Holding

The world of cryptocurrency is getting more and more creative each and every day, and rarely do we come across a news worthy project that gets us excited and counting down each day until mint! However the The Ape Project NFT’s Series is just the project we look for and one small mechanic in the code is what sets this project apart from all the rest.

The very first thing we noticed with this new type of NFT project, was the fact that this project has a white paper attached to it, which mean this NFT is connected to some type of cryptocurrency or token. So we did more research and digging into The Ape Project and we discovered that just by digitally owning one of these art pieces, you will start to earn $Variable Token.

So for the first time in NFT history, this unique series of digital asset or collectable actually produces like an asset should. You might be asking, what is even an NFT? When you first start diving into the NFT space you might mistake a simple “image or JPEG” as just “hype”.

However as NFTs have evolved, so has the code behind them that is being written on the blockchain, this is the major difference in what separates an image you find on Google and one that you have verifiable ownership and benefits from, written in “stone” or in today’s world, code on the blockchain.

If you would like to also follow this project, PUBLIC MINT OPENS ON DECEMBER 24, 2021.

Here is the official website

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