Las Vegas Has A New Champion – Joey Gilbert

History shows that Prosperity and Crisis come in waves. When prosperity wains, crisis is on the horizon. It is in crisis when strong men rise, many of whom never thought they would be called to action. But when the time comes they answer the call and stand up, they stand up and fight for what is right, for what is just.

Joey Gilbert is such a man. When steve sisolak handcuffed our doctor’s ability to treat as they see fit with proven drugs like Hydroxychloroquine he Stood Up and fought the Governor and his Board of Pharmacy.

When Sisolak closed Churches in violation of the First Amendment Joey sued them into Federal court and won. Using his law firm for the good of the people Joey has sued the establishment to protect our Right to Choose many times. 

Fighting is a natural talent for Joey, those skills went largely untapped until he was 19 and realized he could hold his own against seemingly insurmountable odds. Joey Gilbert joined the boxing team for University of Nevada Reno and took that opportunity to 3 National Collegiate Boxing Championships. His boxing acumen only increased and he won the Nevada State Golden Gloves Super Middle Weight Belt. 3 years later he was a contestant on The Contender series and went on to be ranked #3 in the world by the World Boxing Organization. He finished his career with a record of 23 – 3 with 17 KO’s holding 2 Belts, retiring in 2011.

This natural talent for the fight translated well to his law career. In 2015 he was named “Top 40 Under 40” by The National Trial Lawyers organization. In 2018 he was awarded “Best Lawyer” by Reno News and Review and in 2021 he was awarded “Best Law Firm” and “Best Personal Injury Attorney” by the Reno Gazette Journal.

Life is a struggle. Not a struggle to survive but a struggle to overcome. All of Nevada are struggling to overcome this tyranny. Joey has recognized this tyranny from the beginning. He has seen the damage it has done to our communities and our lives. He did not decide to run for office “We The People” told him he didn’t have a choice. After he showed his stripes in the battle against our own petty tyrant, we told him the only way to beat him is to unseat him. 

In June, he heard our call and announced his candidacy for Governor of Nevada.

Since then he has assembled a team of fighters from all walks of life. People of all races. Of all backgrounds. People from every corner of our state who are tired of seeing our God given rights thrown to the wayside by the imaginary concept of Public Health. These people were not drawn together by the prospect of fame nor wealth. Not for status nor self-enrichment. These people came together under the flag of Individual Liberty. Drawn by the need to leave a better world for ourselves and our children. Fueled by the need to restore our way of life that was paid for in blood and toil. 

Joey has a young daughter who is his number 1 priority. His daughter’s wellbeing and future influence every decision he makes. Seeing what is happening to our children in our schools disgusts him as much as it disgusts us. He has filed a lawsuit against Clark County School District over their covid restrictions and mask mandates that are harming our children more than sars-cov2 ever could. But lawsuits will not be enough to win this fight. We need a leader who will stand up what’s right.

Standing up for what is right fuels him. Stepping in the ring with bullies and petty tyrants invigorates him. Restoring the Republic that was fought for by millions of our brothers and sisters is what drives him. His father fought in wars for our people. As a Marine his father was asked to do the impossible in defense of this Great Nation. Joey grew up learning from a stern yet loving man that expected the most from his children. From the day he was born Joey Gilbert learned the values that make a great man. He learned integrity, honor, and leadership from a man who lived it. He learned the importance of Liberty and all the great qualities that led to the foundation of this nation. This cause is one close to Joey’s heart. He believes that everyone was created equal with their own Inalienable Rights.

Make no mistake, this is a fight for our future. This is a fight for our children. This is a fight for Las Vegas. This is a fight for Nevada. This is a fight that requires a warrior, and it requires a champion. Joey Gilbert is that Champion. Joey has proved his metal not only in the boxing ring but also in the Fight for Liberty. He is the man in the arena. He is the leader we need to restore our state, to restore our Constitution.

Its time to stand up, to Get in the Fight! 

To support Joey Gilbert and get in the Fight you can visit:

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