Kingdom Warriors Metaverse Set To Launch Genesis Series of 888 Exclusive NFTS on Jan 15

The internet is changing at a massive pace, with the introduction of cryptocurrency and the rise of the blockchain, our digital space and economy will never be the same. As if that weren’t enough to decipher, here comes the NFT. Non-fungible tokens are taking the world by storm and what started as a quirky purchase of the OG tweet has quickly snowballed into a new market for digital art market.

NFT communities are catching like wildfire. From CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club to Avarik Saga, NFTers are finding a multitude of unique and peculiar markets to satisfy their appetite for tokens and purchase NFTs that best represent them. Everyday, artists and businessmen are raising incredible NFT empires and contributing to the library of tokens to choose from, but surely there’s much more awaiting the next step in the NFT cosmos?

Meet The Kingdom Warriors NFT project. Founded by Eric Skeldon and Andrew Snow in 2021, the duo sought to pursue excellence in the growing NFT landscape and create a community of like-minded individuals around the world. The Kingdom Warriors NFT boasts 888 hand-crafted NFTs scheduled to drop January 16th, 2022, followed by 8,000 more in the months to follow.

Each unique NFT tells the story of the incredible warrior within, just waiting to be unleashed in us all. The Kingdom Warriors Metaverse is characterized by striking graphic art, captivating narrative and a book in development, original soundtracks, and a future Play To Earn game available on all platforms. Eternal Realities LLC, which The Kingdom Warriors brand lives under, has formed a stacked team of writers, artists, musicians, composers, and developers with years of experience under their belts to bring The Kingdom Warriors space to life.

Some of their team includes digital artist Nick Burgess, app creator Manny Lopez, strategic advisor Jason Centeno, sound composer Bobby Vickery, actor and globally ranked Esports player Michael Morgan, and veteran software developer Elmontos. When asking about the vision for The Kingdom Warriors metaverse, Snow said,

“We’re creating community and uplifting culture in the NFT world, as well as building a Kingdom Warriors multimedia franchise.”

Eager NFTers can expect big perks from holding KW NFTs like annual in-person events, first access into the Play To Earn game, automatic White List status for future drops, private alpha group access, future airdropped tokens, entry into contests for prizes, staking, and early previews into upcoming projects. With so many different benefits to participate in, The Kingdom Warriors Metaverse is one that crypto enthusiasts around the globe do not want to miss.

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