Governor Sisolak Hangs Trumps Head As Halloween Decoration on Carson City Capitol Building

Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak has officially hung the Carson City State Capitol Halloween Decorations for the 2021 season. This years chosen decorations by Nevada’s Governor is a recreation of the 2021 “insurrection” of the Capitol with skeletons attempting to climb the wall and what looks like a witch holding Donald Trump’s Severed Head.

The 2022 Nevada Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, June 14.  

*Early Voting begins on Saturday, May 28 and runs through Friday, June 10.   

The 2022 Nevada General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 8. 

*Early voting begins on Saturday, October 22 and runs through Friday, November 4

2022 Candidate Filing Periods

Judicial: January 3, 2022  –  January 14, 2022

Non – Judicial: March 7, 2022  –  March 18, 2022

A complete list of all contested seats will be made available in July. 

We reached out to the favored candidate for Nevada’s next Governor Joey Gilbert and asked him what he has to say, and he statement was short, but loud and clear.


Joey Gilbert –
  1. It is childish and unexcusable for our children of the future to see. What kind of adult would do this in a public place where thosands of our future adults can see…they have the right to grow up and choose as they wish..not learn hate from our governor.,
    Shame on his childish behavior.

    1. If this were true it would be all over the national news.
      That said, I pass the most vile billboard-size flags and signs every single day in central Pennsylvania—banners that say “F _ _ _ BIDEN and F U C _ you for voting for him.” Trucks also drive around with giant bumper stickers spewing the same thing. I’ve come to view the banners as advertisements of the homeowner’s IQ. School busses pass these homes every single day. The irony is that the sign acknowledges that Americans did indeed vote for Biden, but it doesn’t stop their foul mouths from screaming that the election was stolen.

  2. Is this for real???

    I can’t believe Governor Sisolak would publicly admit that Trump is still taking up space in his brain. Maybe he has to satisfy a stunt request for the other governors in the Western States Pact; like joining a frat, y’know? It would be interesting to see how Governors Newsom (CA), Brown (OR), Inslee (WA), and Polis (CO) have decorated their capitol buildings.

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