Glamping Adventures Offers Couples a New Idea for Date Night in Las Vegas

The way we travel and experience things has changed. We want to explore new
experiences on our own terms. No longer do we want to just witness nature, we want to live in it and that what makes todays news stories so exciting! Imagine if you could keep the “High end lifestyle” of camping without all the equipment, you just have to show up and enjoy the moment.

Introducing Las Vegas’s newest camping company Glamping Adventures, Las Vegas first and only Glamping and Movie Night Experience.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a way to experience the beauty and serenity of nature at over 20
unique destinations surrounding Las Vegas while still enjoying comforts and luxuries.

How did Glamping Adventures start?

Owner Nef, had passion for hiking, off-roading and exploring that led him to find destinations
and experiences around Las Vegas very few have ever known existed and even less have
experienced and he wanted to be able to share this experience with everyone. Here is what he had to say.

“Getting my family to go camping was a completely different story. My
significant other came from a high-end luxury background and the thought of camping in a tent and sleeping bags was not appealing to say the least. “Where will I go to the bathroom, what will we eat, I can’t sleep without a bed, it is way too much work, there is no way I’m going camping.” Then I have my teenaged daughter. “Dad is there cell phone service, can I charge my phone, I’m bored what can I do…..”

So how would I get them to go camping and make everyone happy?

I did what any normal reasonable dad who wants to go camping would do in this
situation, go completely overboard and buy the best set-up available that would fit on a
campsite. After being yelled at for spending way too much money on camping equipment and many hours of convincing, we set off for our first family camping experience”

What setup does Glamping Adventures Provide?

“We set up on a mountain peak over-looking a massive valley with a dramatic
mountain range backdrop. I got the best 13’ Glamping Tent available, fire-retardant carpeting, a queen-sized bed with memory foam gel topper for us and twin for my daughter. A power source to run electronics and coffee maker, plush XL cushion chairs, interior lighting and more.

Outside we wanted to relax and soak in the scenery. I set up a 10’ x 10’ awning with outdoor
carpeting. Sitting on top is 2 anti-gravity chairs with a 4-cup table with cooler in one to keep the drinks cold of course. Next to it a 2-person hammock, my daughters favorite, swinging in the shade under the trees. After a long set up, about 4 hours the first time, we went for a short hike through incredible trails with views words or photos cannot do justice. The trees were so green and everywhere was filled with life, we couldn’t believe we were just minutes outside Las Vegas. When we got back, we showered off in a portable warm water shower tent and I started the propane BBQ and made our favorite foods. For a little entertainment we played Cornhole, Giant Jenga and then Cards Against Humanity later that night. As the night fell, the setting sun illuminated the few clouds left in the sky and turned them the most incredible oranges, reds and purples we have ever seen. The light left over reflected off the mountains, left a spectacular orange shadow as they disappeared into the night. Within a few minutes, light turned to dark and you could see what looked like billions of stars sparkling in the endless sky.

We turned on all the battery-operated candles, lanterns and fairy lights that lit up the tent and awning in a dazzling display against the dark backdrop. It was Smores Time! We lit the
firewood and watched as the flames danced around the wood, cuddling to the warmth of the
fire, it was completely captivating. As we laid down for bed, reflecting on entire day, we felt so blessed and truly overwhelmed in the experience. After a great night sleep, we woke up to the most incredible sunrise peaking over the mountains. It was bliss. Needless to say, it was an experience we would never forget and could not wait to do again. We had officially become Glampers!”

What kind of locations can people experience?

The best part is we are a unique and completely customizable experience. You can visit
our website for different locations. We can set you up at your favorite campgrounds like Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire, Lake Mead or Colorado River. You can also camp in a secluded off the grid campsite or on the beach and rent our kayaks and fishing gear for your entire stay. If you want something with a little speed you can rent a motorboat, jet ski, houseboat, pontoon boat and more at the marina. One of my favorite experiences is the Lights of Vegas Experience. You can set up your Glamping site and our new Movie/Date Night on a mountain right next to Las Vegas Valley overlooking the strip and the lights of Las Vegas. It is truly magical! With over 20 different locations we can make your dream camping or movie experience a reality.

You mentioned a movie night, what is that?

This is so exciting, it’s brand new, just launched it a few weeks ago. It is Las Vegas first
Destination Movie Night! The feedback we are getting is unbelievable. This is how you take
your date night to the next level. Movie goers get to experience a movie night or date night in the most magical and romantic setting you can think of. Imagine setting up a 100” movie
projector, custom boho themed set up with giant pillows, plush chairs, custom made table,
candles, décor, illuminated awning with chandelier and a catered dinner with wine on a
mountain overlooking the strip and the entire Las Vegas Valley under the stars. Are you kidding me? It doesn’t get any better than that. Any of our destinations can be set up for your movie night including having the option of doing a staycation where we come to your home and set up a magical movie night in your backyard for a bit of romance or fun night for the family. We also are booking for family Christmas parties either at home or on location with full Christmas décor.

We are so excited to bring a new and exciting experience to Las Vegas! You can learn more about Glamping Adventures by visiting their website here.

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