F1 is coming to Las Vegas! Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming race.

f1 coming to las vegas

Earlier this year, F1 made a big splash by getting all the necessary agreements and permits to use the streets of the city of Las Vegas so that F1 cars could be raced in front of some of the city’s major casinos. A letter of intent from Liberty Dice, a new entity created by the Liberty Media property, defines the terms of the five-year F1 race deal on a track that includes a section of the world-famous “Strip” in Las Vegas.

The letter, dated March 28, which was posted on social media, and its veracity was confirmed by Adam Stern, of the Sports Business Journal, along with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the government agency that markets events in the city, is subject to change. 

The letter is 17 pages long and indicates that the race will take place in November 2023, though a specific date was not given at the time of the announcement.

The letter reveals that the expected date for next year’s inaugural race is November 18, a week before the American Thanksgiving weekend. The contract is valid until 2027. This date opens the door to the possibility that the Las Vegas race regularly becomes the penultimate round of the season, as F1 wishes to conclude its calendar in the last weekend of November in Abu Dhabi.

The letter commits to maintaining the same weekend time slot for the next five years and states that the night race program will be planned so that the activity on the track will end no later than 1:30 am.

The document provides the commercial terms of the event as well as the basis for requesting 900 sheriffs, 1,200 fire extinguishers, 15 cranes, and 18 ambulances and tow trucks.

However, the plans for the permanent structure of the pits and the race direction are not mentioned in the document. Liberty CEO Greg Maffei revealed in May that it would be built on land near downtown Las Vegas bought for $ 240 million.

Maffei said: “In a particular way and different from most places, F1 and Liberty Media are self-promoting the race in collaboration with local entrepreneurs and Live Nation”.

“The construction of this circuit will require increased production and investment costs for its development. I want to point out that Liberty Media has entered into an agreement for the acquisition of 39 acres east of the strip to block the design of the circuit and create the areas dedicated to the pits and paddock, as well as other hospitality and race support structures “.

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