Extreme Wind Damage Causes Shingles To Fly Off Las Vegas Homes

Las Vegas Winds exceeded up to 70mph on Monday and that has caused shingles to fly off the roof tops of our locals homes!

According to the National Weather Service the wind storm should be fully past this week is and looking clear, but what kind of damage has been done to the roofs now needing repair?

A home can keeps up to 76% of its energy and heat from escaping through a well sealed roof, roofs needing repair can cause leaks and structural damage to the house resulting in increased expenses for the homeowner.

However, while most Las Vegas homes are scrambling to fix and repair their roof before the rainy season falls upon Vegas. We reached out for comment from the closest Las Vegas roofing company near us about what a home owner should do about damages and in need of repair? Here is what they had to say,

“Who works on your home matters, and if you are trying to save on energy and costs this winter, the first place to start is your roof.”

– Lee Barber, Fortituderoofing.com

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