Disbelief in your industry? Let 27 year old millionaire Hunter Hicks put trust back into your business marketing operations!

Las Vegas is filled with big names and big hitters when it comes to the marketing industry, and today we have the opportunity to interview one of the best, Hunter Hicks, who often visits Las Vegas for business and leisure has created a state of the art marketing company, built with top industry leaders to ensure honesty and belief in the marketing business.

“For years and years, I tried many organizations and strategies to lead me to a marketing team that I could trust, and bring my service company what it needed to dominate the competition.  Through trial and error it cost me roughly 5.4 million dollars over 8 years and once I found the correct team for strategy and operation, well let’s just say I held on to them and they are here now for you so you can jumpstart to trust and success with shopping for years”

“All success involves trial and error but what if you can skip the error? You can with Marketing at branditmediagroup.com

Hunter ran multiple service companies from 2013-present. At the very start we were trying to make a name for ourselves and be competitive in an exceptionally strong market, we tried several different marketing strategies that were promised to be effective. Over promised and under delivered strategies caused frustration for this small organization trying to get our wheels turning. We were getting dominated by our competition. Through constant trial and error in a field that almost seemed like learning another language, we took it upon ourselves to study and learn marketing for the sake of our business.

“I created this business on data, My money was on the line looking for the right solution, I’ve paid the price so we can all have a solution to Branding our companies, My team is impeccable in every area of marketing”

We recently had a chance to sit down with Hunter to ask the following questions…..

What does Brand IT Media specialize in?

BrandITMediaGroup.com gives business owners advice on strategy, company infrastructure, problem solving, and developing skills. They also come up with resources and lay out a plan to improve an organization’s performance.


-Maximizing Team output

-Follow ups and retaining customers for life

-Finding and retaining employees

-Company Infrastructure


-Phone Call procedures and Scripts

-Organization and software to scale larger

-Brand Development (Stand out in your industry)

-Time management

What motivates you to push the bar in this industry?

“The joy it brings to strategize with people about their biggest assets, to grow and make them better and more sustainable is my mission. When we work with customers it’s not all about business, we get to really know each and every individual as if we are a giant family. I think we all share the same passions and all strive for growth. When we win, we all win together and that’s really something special”

How do you stay motivated and teach others motivated?

Are you in full control and in a mindset that allows you to win? Or are you just going through the motions. You woke up today, that should count for something. Opportunity is everywhere, lets help you connect with it!

What inspires you?

Is it your kids living in a safe place, maybe that new house you’ve been dreaming of with the pool, how about that car that shakes the neighbors’ windows when you leave for work or simply just to grow on all aspects of life? I like the last one a growth addiction! That’s me, but how do we achieve this?

Positive mindset with a vison with a sprinkle of belief and the confidence to execute on top is perhaps on the menu today.

Some are self-taught by their situations as a child or maybe the family they were brought into. Struggle and need create the most natural rush of inspiration, which when applied turns to motivating others. Motivation is the gift that keeps on giving. Or maybe you can remember what that inspiration felt like back when the odds were against you and pushed through but today it seems something that you don’t possess anymore or very unattainable. Circumstance will do that to you, Brand IT Media will beat it back into you.

Let’s get motivated whether you’re starting out and need help with your mindset and future planning or you have a team of 1000 and feel your message isn’t getting the team to strive to the fullest potential, Brand IT Media can help.

Thanks for having me.

— You can learn more about Hunter Hicks at BrandITMediaGroup.com

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