Candidate For Congress, Richard Rowe, Dies Walking His Dog Just Days After Getting Covid-19 Vaccine

Florida House District 23 progressive candidate, Richard Rowe has died following a medical episode while walking his dog.

“We were not at all ready for this shock. He was outside taking Gizmo his best friend and sidekick for a walk before he hit the road again, and had an unknown medical episode and was found by the neighbors” said Katie his niece.

Richard was very open about his vaccination status online and would post frequently encouraging and belittling others into getting the vaccine. Here were some of his final words to anyone still on the fence about vaccines.

“No no. F**k off. If you’re an anti mask anti-vaxxer, I DO NOT CARE what happens to you…”

– Richard Rowe – Florida House District 23 progressive candidate – Vaccine Related Death

Richard was proceed in death by his Father and Mother Richard and Debra Rowe.. Ricky has left behind his sister Laura, brother in Law Michael ,2 nephews Dylan and Joshua and Kaite As well as his Aunt Cindy Namoski, cousins Leanne and Brittany Gettle.

A Gofundme for Richard has been setup to support the funeral costs.

  1. His vaccination card in the photo shows he got his first dose in August and the second dose would’ve been three weeks after that. So he didn’t die days after his vaccine. I’m not saying that isn’t what killed him but you may want to confirm the dates.

  2. Nicole. You go under the assumption that everyone gets the next vaccine exactly at the early recommendation point you have no way of knowing when he got the second dose just the way Karma works I’m sure the second those that’s what killed him with all that trash he talked about human beings…

  3. Nicole is correct that the date of the second dose should be confirmed, but assuming the journalist or an editor didn’t vet the headline is presumptuous. Nicole uses the word “would’ve” when the correct word is “should’ve”, and then goes on to decree that he “didn’t”. Can’t say that without knowing the second date, maybe it was delayed. After all, he said he had immunity and was taking the shots as a statement. Nice statement, btw.

  4. He’s a pig and shouldn’t I’ve been allowed to hold any political seat. He was so gross and got his dew karma.

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