Can Las Vegas Businesses Be Sued For “Medical Segregation”?

Las Vegas Business owners beware! A new type of lawsuit is potential just a few days away with more and more businesses violating the medical rights of their employees by requiring the Covid-19 Vaccination as a stipulation of employment. Just recently CCSD was served with a $200 million dollar lawsuit from local hero and father Brandon Burn, and private businesses could be next!

Nevada is a “Right To Work State” which gives certain freedoms to the employers however does not give exemption of liability to employers associated with the high risk of death and injury of the Covid-19 Vaccine according to Government owned Vaccine Reporting system.

Now with staff members are being forced to choose between making an income and feeding their family the business owners themselves might soon find them themselves to be the ones on the hook for the lawsuit.

Employees that are injured because of a “vaccine requirement” to meet any employment qualifications may also be compensated for any damages directly associated with the Vaccine Injuries as a result.

Medical bills and lost compensation could cost Las Vegas Companies Millions if they force their employees to be vaccinated, plus the vaccine injured victims could then potential sue the owners of the company personally.

– Local Vegas Insider Reports.

We recently put together a list of 5 Las Vegas Lawyers that offer free consultations for any employees being forced to make a choice between their job and being force to take the vaccine, if you find yourself in that position as an employee.

University of Reno Nevada has also announced their participation in Medical Segregation going as far as denying all unvaccinated students to return for Spring 2022.

Doctors for the CDC recently advised against young men below the age of 65 from getting the vaccine as they are at an increased risk for myocarditis.

What is Medical Segregation?

Medical Segregation is the practice of restricting people to certain circumscribed areas of residence or to separate institutions (e.g., schools, churches) and facilities (parks, playgrounds, restaurants, restrooms, jobs) on the basis of medical or vaccination statues.

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