5 Las Vegas Lawyers That Offer A Free Consultation

When you are looking for Las Vegas lawyers that offer free consultation, it can be hard to know where to turn. There are many options out there, which makes the decision difficult. To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of las Vegas’s Top 10 lawyers with a free consultation so that you can find one that suits your needs best!

Adam S. Kutner

Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys has been providing trusted legal representation to injured victims in Las Vegas for more than 30 years, and they do not seem to be stopping anytime soon! Their personal injury law firm is made up of an experienced team who have won millions on behalf our valued Las Vegas clients because they’ve got what it takes: skillfully handling all types claims including car accidents; pedestrian injuries caused by sidewalks too rough or slippery due lack maintenance requirements.

Here is what a few people had to say about Adam Kutner:

“I came to Adam S.Kutner from an injury I suffered from an irresponsible driver who was very negligent. I ran to Adam Kutner because I heard about him on t.v- I had to find the best legal representation in town. I was going to make the ones who did this to me pay dearly. Brian Ali was so comforting & kept me informed about every thing that was going on. I am very glad that I came to them & got this entire thing resolved. Now I can move on with my life & be compensated. I am very grateful to Brian, Erika. & Adam Kutner for if we had gone to court. Thank You every one here at Adam S.Kutner Attorneys!!!” – Brandi H

“I absolutely love the service of Adam S Kutner. Their team was great at solving my case i have chosen them for both of the car accidents I have been involved in. I had a previous case with them back in 2006 and their service has not changed, they are a great team that always been great at giving me a great settlement and always following up with any questions I had. Nancy was able to solve my property damage in two weeks and help me through the intake. Wendy helped me through the negotiation process and helped me settle my case for a very good amount. I always recommend Adam S Kutner to anyone involved in an accident they are great!” – Elsa D

Half Price Lawyers

At Half Price Lawyers, they believe in accessible legal representation and helping victims who feel helpless or overwhelmed by the system. Their seasoned attorneys are dedicated to providing strong advocacy for their clients with combined experience over 100 years long within the field of expertise- fighting on behalf of Las Vegas citizens rights until justice has been served! They also offer a free consultation, you can visit Half Price Lawyers website here.

Here is what a few people had to say about Half Price Lawyers:

“The lawyer was straight forward about pricing, our options for financing the fees etc. After providing all the appropriate info the consultation went about as you’d expect from a professional team. They were quick and efficient and gave time for any questions that me and my wife had. Would recommend this team to anyone who needs help with legal things.” – Chris C

“Family department was one of the best consultation very respectful and helpful” – Bianca V

Las Vegas Defense Group

Las Vegas Defense Group is a 6-lawyer team that provides the best defense for people accused of crimes in Nevada. Our lawyers have more than 100 years combined experience defending all types of criminal charges, including battery domestic violence and solicitation for prostitution to grand larceny or assault/battery DV conviction! We also have our own private investigator on staff just waiting at your beckon call so you never get caught without an attorney by surprise again should anything happen while we’re not around (like if someone robbed your house).

The Gold Winner 2020 Best Of Las Vegas winner was announced recently – it’s definitely worth checking them out!

Here is what a few people had to say about Las Vegas Defense Group:

“This firm offers a great defense attorney for a great price! You first meet with a case manger and then he or she brings in the attorney to answer all your legal questions! Like stated I’m other reviews, the consultation is free. Not to mention all the employers are very kind at this office. The receptionist kindly set me up to meet with someone that very day without having to make an appointment.” – Salma L

De Castroverde Law Group – Accident & Injury

The De Castroverde law firm was established in 2005 by brothers Alex and Orlando. Now it has over 12 attorneys and staff of 25 people. It was one of the first law firms to have Spanish speaking staff in Las Vegas. They also like to give back to the community and charities by supporting them.

Here is what a few people had to say about De Castroverde Law Group:

“I am very grateful for the help that Kyle, Juan De Pedro and Evelyn gave me in my immigration case, which was a great success. Everyone at Decastroverde Law was always aware of my case, thanks to them I will be able to be legally in this country. They are excellent lawyers, I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer. I wish you all the best in the world. I am eternally grateful. Blessings” – Pam J

“I used Kyle’s services last year when I was applying for my green card. He was very knowledgeable and was able to address all my concerns. He was always available on the phone or through the email to answer all my questions. Thanks to his attention to detail my application was complete and the whole process went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer! ” Justyna H

Ace Law Group

Patrick W. Kang started Ace Law Group in 2009. They represent people with legal problems related to personal injury and employment law. In the time since it was founded, the firm has helped many clients get money back from them because of their cases.

Here is what a few people had to say about Ace Law Group:

“I would like to give Ace law group 10 stars. they are outstanding. I found the office staff extremely helpful, knowledgeable and negotiated for me to obtain the best decision possible I highly recommend anyone using Ace law group. they are honest and caring and fabulous in the work, and thank to Su Branchini helping me out fluent in both Korean and english. Thank you..” – Cho L

“Veteran-friendly!🇺🇸 I’ve used Ace Law Group for several citations (at the most affordable rates in town). Every citation was handled satisfactorily. I highly recommend their e-newsletter; it often has valuable information that is extremely helpful. Shaina, the traffic clerk, was quick to respond & keep me updated on my case. I’m honestly grateful for & impressed by Attorney Kang’s kindness & professionalism.” – Joe lee

A free consultation is a great place to start if you’re considering hiring an attorney. The attorneys we’ve listed below offer consultations and can help with personal injury, employment law, immigration cases and more. Whether your legal issue involves criminal defense or family law, these top 5 Las Vegas lawyers are ready for you!

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